Special Data Processing

Hudson, Florida 2 comments

Why is the government allowing this company to operate?Already fined $400,000, or $500,000, and insiders knew there was no sweepstakes ever conducted till the government probably threatened arrest, and they are still under investigation for other "violations", and missing sweepstakes "winners".

Is our economy so bad that the govt. will allow real known law breakers stay in business, because they employ people at a bad time.......or they know they will be giving them a fine in the future, so they are considered a future source of revenue for the state? What about the consumers they hurt in the meantime. Great Idea.

Turn Special Data Processing into a school for honest and ethics in business, require staff to be trained in ethics, and the govrnmnt. subsidize the place. There was a drug bust I'm told, by a worker there right in the parking lot, and at one time they had homeless employees sleeping in cars in the parking lot. Why are not Federal, state, and local officials not doing more to infiltrate this most disreputable company.

I even read a report that management is so paranoid they do sweeps around the entire employees areas, and even middlemanagement seeking hidden recording devices. Ok you'll get some complaints if you do business w/large numbers of people, but when it is to the point that fraud is being tolerated I don't understand why?

Was going to apply there, am investigating the co., know people who work there, but I'm getting fed info that is almost unbelievable.Should I believe all this, but it is so vast, and am desperate for work, I'm mad that local newspapers accept their job ads.


Lithia, Florida, United States #1223378

Unfortunately, our "esteemed" federal government would rather fine than prosecute. None of the executives of the banks or investment banks were ever prosecuted in regard to the catastrophic events that happened in 2008.

Alturas, California, United States #2161

I know you will always hear good and bad about companies. I have worked for them for years ..as a verifier...and I DO believe that the company is legitimate..We DO send the magazines as promised... Yes...being a call center that doesnt drug test..there are some drugs around..but in todays world...WHERE isnt there ( I realize its a sad world )An option that sdp does offer is being a home agent..then you are not around the drugs

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